I bet you didn’t know you could make this…

I don’t know what it is, but since Spring has arrived I have been nesting!! Spring cleaning and getting rid of all the clutter just makes me feel empowered! It’s not only me, but Chad has been planting lots of flowers and getting the yard in tip-top shape- and he FINALLY hired someone to paint the entryway/stairs. After 3 years of living here, I guess the white walls finally got to him. Chad is so meticulous when it comes to having something done around the house. We decided to go with a company called Patch plus paint in Frisco,TX and they were wonderful to work with. Chad’s “hawk-eye” for everything just made them laugh and they got everything done in a day and a half.


While they were working, I was able to ask them a few questions about updating the house. One of the questions I asked him was what are a few inexpensive things that people can do to their house that makes a big difference. His answer was, staining the door or painting it with a pop of color; adding texture to a wall; touch up on areas that need paint on the exterior of the house or paint an accent wall. He said that some of the most popular colors going into houses are kilim beige, greys and greige (especially Mega Greige). So if you have been itching to do a little something to the house, now is the time! I want to see your projects!!! Speaking of projects and paint…
While they were painting, I was stuck in the office just crafting away! earlier in the month we had lunch with my husband’s friend who has a wonderful eye for decorating. He showed me some of his most recently finished projects and my jaw dropped!! One of the projects was a refinished sofa table. Refinished with… PAINT STICKS!! Yes.. Paint sticks!!

herringbone table

I was utterly amazed!!! He began telling me how to do it and how easy it was..of course, he had a saw and all the equipment needed. I on the other hand, had a husband who was already tired of cutting various pieces of wood for my other crafts!! But, I was up for the challenge. He directed me to this website that has all the details you need to do a project like this. And so..it began!! I went to Home Depot and grabbed as many paint sticks as I could and then found an associate and asked if they could cut the paint sticks for me. (You could also just buy paint sticks on ebay) After they found out that I had to cut all of them, they said I could use their manual saw and do it myself! While cutting all the paint sticks, I just kept laughing to myself about how I know nothing about wood or the dang gum saw!! But hey… I was determined!! Once I cut the paint sticks to size, I sanded the edges down a bit and I started gluing them in a pattern using E6000 glue, but you could also use wood glue. After I got the pattern going it was easy. Glue…stick..glue..stick.



Unfortunately, I picked out a side table that was curved in the front, so I did as much as I could and now have to wait for my husband to cut a few curved edges for me so I can finish the project. So.. FYI, use a square or rectangle table!!


After I glued it and let it dry for an hour or so, I stained the wood sticks and that’s it!! Now you have a piece of work that should amaze you and your friends and family!!!



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