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camp mom!

camp mom!

Last time I checked, summer was months away. Then last week, my son tells me he has 8 more days of school left. Yeah, I did a double take.. and rushed to the calendar. How could these days have come and gone so fast? He was right...8 more days of school left. I scoured the internet for camps and other things to do with my kids. I printed out every kindergarten and second grade worksheet I thought looked challenging and I pinned so many craft projects on pinterest.

Welcome to Camp MOM! Am I the only one who does this? Am I the only one who is crazy?

So this is what the schedule is looking like this far.

730-800 (wake up/ eat/brush teeth)

800-830 (school work)- worksheets with math, multiplication, writing, etc

830-900 – computer work (istation, ABC mouse, Khan academy)

900-915 – Read (my kids have a short attention span)

930-1030 – activity

1030-1100- free time

1100-1130 – lunch

My daily activities I divided into days: monday- craft ,tuesdays – movies, Wedsday- cook, Thursday- outside activity

If you want to keep your child up to date with their studies, I printed out worksheets from the following websites which I find to be really great:

As mentioned above, I find ABC mouse, Khan academy, and spelling city to be great computer programs for the kids.

AND at Camp MOM, we reward good behavior and good work. Thus, I bought this on Amazon



and the kids will be able to collect tokens as they finish their work. They are super stoked about me teaching them this summer. My youngest keeps calling me “teacher” which just makes me laugh. I hope you follow on my blog as I follow-up with what we are doing in camp! I’m sure you will be seeing lots of posts of our crafts and cooking adventures soon.

As for the second half of the day, since I work afternoons, the kids will then go to Camp GRANDMA!! Where I’m sure they will have a blast! Leave me a comment if you have any other sites that might be helpful for the summer!

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