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camp mom!

camp mom!

Last time I checked, summer was months away. Then last week, my son tells me he has 8 more days of school left. Yeah, I did a double take.. and rushed to the calendar. How could these days have come and gone so fast? He was right...8 more days of school left. I scoured the internet for camps and other things to do with my kids. I printed out every kindergarten and second grade worksheet I thought looked challenging and I pinned so many craft projects on pinterest.

Welcome to Camp MOM! Am I the only one who does this? Am I the only one who is crazy?

So this is what the schedule is looking like this far.

730-800 (wake up/ eat/brush teeth)

800-830 (school work)- worksheets with math, multiplication, writing, etc

830-900 – computer work (istation, ABC mouse, Khan academy)

900-915 – Read (my kids have a short attention span)

930-1030 – activity

1030-1100- free time

1100-1130 – lunch

My daily activities I divided into days: monday- craft ,tuesdays – movies, Wedsday- cook, Thursday- outside activity

If you want to keep your child up to date with their studies, I printed out worksheets from the following websites which I find to be really great:

As mentioned above, I find ABC mouse, Khan academy, and spelling city to be great computer programs for the kids.

AND at Camp MOM, we reward good behavior and good work. Thus, I bought this on Amazon



and the kids will be able to collect tokens as they finish their work. They are super stoked about me teaching them this summer. My youngest keeps calling me “teacher” which just makes me laugh. I hope you follow on my blog as I follow-up with what we are doing in camp! I’m sure you will be seeing lots of posts of our crafts and cooking adventures soon.

As for the second half of the day, since I work afternoons, the kids will then go to Camp GRANDMA!! Where I’m sure they will have a blast! Leave me a comment if you have any other sites that might be helpful for the summer!

Let’s fly away…

lupus awareness month

May is Lupus awareness month and I wanted to bring about awareness because it hits close to home for me. Research shows that nearly 2/3 of the public knows little or nothing about lupus. An estimated 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people worldwide are living with lupus. 19 years ago, my twin sister was diagnosed with Systemic lupus. 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with the same disease. It has been a battle that fortunately we have been one step ahead of thus far. I’m not going to lie to you… my first thought when I was diagnosed was that I was going to die young. My sister and I had our little pity party, but lucky for us, we have a very supportive family who knocked some sense into us and our pity party came to a halt. Now, its more about what are we going to do about it? Lupus is an autoimmune disease which means your body attacks its own self. Lupus affects people in different ways, that is why it’s very hard to diagnose. The most common signs and symptoms include:

  • Fatigue and fever
  • Joint pain, stiffness and swelling
  • Butterfly-shaped rash on the face that covers the cheeks and bridge of the nose
  • Skin lesions that appear or worsen with sun exposure (photosensitivity)
  • Fingers and toes that turn white or blue when exposed to cold or during stressful periods (Raynaud’s phenomenon)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches, confusion and memory loss

signs and symptoms

My sister and I had the classic butterfly rash, photosensitivity and joint pain when we were diagnosed. Luckily, we have some good medications to control lupus flares. I’d say for the past 16 years, I could have convinced myself that I really didn’t have lupus. However, things can’t last forever and I’ve noticed that every year that passes, it just gets a little harder to control the flares. Muscle and Joint pain and fatigue are the most common things that plague me and the fact that I have to be more aware of how much sun exposure I get can get me a little down sometimes. But because I have muscle pain and joint pain, I appreciate the simple joys of walking and running when its without pain. And I don’t take for granted the little things in life. People can live normal lives if they have lupus. I think the most important thing I could say to someone who is newly diagnosed with lupus is not to think of the “what ifs” but live for today. If you go down the road of “what ifs” its hard to find your way back.

Lupus occurs when your immune system attacks healthy tissue in your body. It’s likely that lupus results from a combination of your genetics and your environment. It appears that people with an inherited predisposition for lupus may develop the disease when they come into contact with something in the environment that can trigger lupus. The cause for lupus in most cases, however, is unknown. Some potential triggers include:

* sunlight

* stress

* medications

Lupus affects more women than men and usually occurs during childbearing years between 15 and 40 years of age.  Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans are more often affected by the disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic,

Inflammation caused by lupus can affect many areas of your body, including your:

Kidneys. Lupus can cause serious kidney damage, and kidney failure is one of the leading causes of death among people with lupus. Signs and symptoms of kidney problems may include generalized itching, chest pain, nausea, vomiting and leg swelling (edema).

Brain and central nervous system. If your brain is affected by lupus, you may experience headaches, dizziness, behavior changes, hallucinations, and even strokes or seizures. Many people with lupus experience memory problems and may have difficulty expressing their thoughts.

Blood and blood vessels. Lupus may lead to blood problems, including anemia and increased risk of bleeding or blood clotting. It can also cause inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis).

Lungs. Having lupus increases your chances of developing an inflammation of the chest cavity lining (pleurisy), which can make breathing painful. You may also be more susceptible to pneumonia.

Heart. Lupus can cause inflammation of your heart muscle, your arteries or heart membrane (pericarditis). The risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks increases greatly as well.

If you have lupus or know someone who does, there are resources out there to help.

lupus resources

lupus resources

Are you taking your vitamins the wrong way?

What to take and how to take them!

What to take and how to take them!

So you are taking your vitamins..good for you!! But are you taking them correctly? I know that many of you are thinking, I’m taking my vitamins..isn’t that good enough? It’s definitely a great start and you are in the 50 percentile of people who take vitamins and supplements on a regular basis! But If you are going to take the time to buy the supplements and actually take them, don’t you want to make sure they are working the best way possible?
Here is a Vitamin chart of the top 24 nutrients and the recommended doses. Now that we are aware of how much we should take, here are some helpful tips when taking vitamins.
Most people who take supplements take at least a multivitamin, you should take a multivitamin first thing in the morning with food. If your multivitamin contains iron, you should not take a calcium supplement at the same time because it can decrease the amount of iron you are actually getting. Instead, take calcium in smaller and more frequent doses throughout the day to increase absorption. Perhaps taking 500mg two or three times a day. There are two different types of calcium supplements; calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. If you are taking the calcium carbonate, it is best taken with food because food activates stomach acid which helps with absorption. If you are taking the calcium citrate, it can be taken with or without food. Going back to the subject of iron, if you do take an iron supplement, taking it with vitamin C will maximize the amount of iron that your body is getting. When taking vitamin C, you want to also spread it out twice a day because it only lasts in the body for a few hours. But keep in mind that vitamin C can cause an increase in stimulation so you don’t want to take it too close to bedtime. Other common supplements that people take are vitamin B vitamin D, and vitamin E; these should be taken with food , especially those containing dietary fats like milk, nuts or yogurt to boost energy levels. Vitamin D should be taken in the morning because it can also affect your sleep. Probiotics have become a mainstream in the supplement world, if you are going to take probiotics, it is best taken on an empty stomach and 30-60 minutes before a meal.
It is important to note that vitamins and supplements should NOT be taken with coffee or tea because the caffeine and tannins can affect absorption.
I hope that you continue to take your vitamins and supplements and that you take away some information from this article to help better self manage your health. What supplement do you think is the most important to take?

51 cent subs at Blimpie tomorrow 4/2!!!


Hurry in tomorrow!!!

It’s birthday time! Kendra Scott Jewelry and Pokemon..EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

My husband’s birthday is late March and my son’s birthday is in the first week of April, so needless to say – besides showers, April brings lots of stressful party planning! On a side note, not many people know that you can get 50% off one item at Kendra Scott during the month of your birthday. Yep, Chad really wanted something from Kendra Scott!! Well- it is true, happy wife equals happy life! He got the cutest pair of earrings for me, just in time for Spring!


Love Kendra Scott!

I love planning parties, especially birthday parties. Growing up, my family always made a big deal about birthdays and I guess I got that family gene too! My son is turning 7 in April. I had already started planning what I wanted to do for his birthday, my vision had a video game truck, sno-cones, a face painter and lots of cool goody bags. All I had left to do was to come up with a party theme. It was then that Carson put my visions to a halt by saying that he just wanted one person to come over for his birthday. Say Wha….??!! I tried to convince him to invite everyone In his class but he wasn’t having it. I even used the line that he could get more presents if he invited more people. Again.. I got shut down. Do you know what he told me? He said he already had too many toys and didn’t need anymore. OKAY- whatever. If he wanted one friend, then one friend it was; but I actually was able to convince him to at least invite his cousins! So that took the party to six people! I could work with that! He wanted a pokemon party. So the Pinterest search began. What did I find??


Happy 7th birthday!


Pokémon ball made out of chocolate!


Buy candy melts ( Red, white and black)


Use a silicon cake pop mold


Melt according to package and brush on molds. I did two layers


After cooled in refrigerator for a few minutes carefully pop them out of the silicon mold and fill with candy


connect the top and bottom halves with more of the white candy melts and then give it a minute to set. Then take your finger and smooth it out.


Color a line with the black candy melts

You can find the video online if you need more details here.

After I finished with the balls, I was pretty excited that you could actually make out that it was supposed to be a pokemon ball!! Next I found a template online where you could make your own pokemon cards.Totally awesome. Carson was blown away by it. I made one for each of the kids.


Pokémon cards..featuring carson!

You can find the template here. And then of course there’s the Pikachu peeps..which is just peeps turned over and Pikachu drawn with edible markers.


I made water bottle labels with the template here. Then you throw in a few boxes of popcorn, chocolate covered oreos and a pokemon pizza and you are ready for a party!


pokemon oreos


Thank you Dominos

Remind me what was I thinking? A sleepover with 6 kids? And taking them to Dave and Busters on a Saturday night?


I should be admitted to the crazy house or something! Reminder to self- no piñata next year if we are doing another sleepover.


Yep, that’s Pikachu mooning us!

The kids were on a sugar high for hours!! It sounded like a war zone upstairs with all the running and jumping around and all the nerf bullets flying around.
Carson had a blast!! And his friends did too!! Thank goodness it’s over with…maybe I can sneak in some downtime before the next party starts again!!

Easter Egg Hunts in the DFW area this Weekend! ( March 28th)

What’s Easter without an easter egg hunt?! I have compiled a list of easter egg hunts thats going on this weekend in the DFW area. Happy Hunting!

easter egg hunts!

1. Eggcellent family adventure, Allen civic center, 305 century parkway, Allen,tx (9-12 pm)

2. FUMC- Coppell Easter Egg Hunt, First United Methodist Church, Coppell, 420 S Heartz Rd, Coppell, Tx (2-4pm)

3. “Hop”penings @the Top @ Reunion Tower, Reunion Tower, 300 Reunion Blvd ,Dallas Tx (12-4pm)

4. Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, MLK Jr Rec Center, 1300 Wilson,St, Denton,Tx (10-12) ($6)

5. Nash Farms Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Nash Farm, 626 Ball St, Grapevine, Tx (930-1230pm)

6. Easter Egg Hunts, Bass Pro Shops, 2501 Bass Pro, Grapevine, Tx ( 2-3pm)

7. Egg Hunt Highland Village, Unity Park, 2200 Briarhill Blvd, Highland Village, TX (10am)

8.  North Irving Egg Hunt, Irving soccer complex, 3585 World Cup Way, Irving,Tx (930-1130am)

9. Lewisville Annual Funny Bunny Fest, Railroad Park, 1301 Railroad St, Lewisville,Tx (930-1230)

10. Easter egg hound hunt, oak point park and nature reserve, 5901 Los Rios, Plano, tx ( for dogs, $9)

11. Rockwall Annual Egg Hunt, harry Myers Park, 815 E washington St, Rockwall, Tx (9:30am)

12. Rowlett Eggstraordinary Egg Hunt, 5300 Main St, Rowlett, Tx (10-12pm)

13. Egg Hunt in Lewisville, Toyota of Lewisville railroad park, 1301 S railroad st, Lewisville,Tx  (930-1230pm)

Fast and furious!

Where in the world did october and november go? I can’t believe that its already December. .. and only 14 more days till christmas. We have been in a whirlwind.  Halloween came and went- Carson’s favorite holiday! We literally went 2 blocks and their bags were full. Carson and Katie were in heaven. To my suprise,  the kids didnt have a specific costume in mind so my good deals from last year paid off… $5 for a darth vader costume and $3 for a pink power ranger costume from target!!


They had their friends join them for trick or treating,  although no one wanted to wait for each other when it came time to ring the next doorbell.


To my suprise, the kids were ready to come home after an hour; they were ready to count all the candy they had!!!


We let Carson and Katie live it up that night…but after they went to bed we ended up eatting about half of their candy and hid the rest!



Batter up!!

This past spring Carson played T-ball and really seemed to enjoy the sport. This fall, he is playing fall ball. Which means, baseball…not T ball. Growing up with 3 sisters I am still getting used to the boy sports lingo! lol. So, with T ball they get to use a little stand to hit the ball if they need it. With baseball there is no T. When he was playing T ball I kept thinking to myself how little he was and how cute it was that he had to use the T. But now with baseball, its like my little boy is growing up so fast…he doesn’t need the T to hit the ball and he’s even running more than one base at a time! *sigh*


I love going to watch his games. Yelling for his team, cheering for Carson, and occasionally reminding him to focus on the ball and not the grass!! Yes..I am THAT mother. lol. I get those looks like I’m crazy..but I laugh it off because its about having fun after all!! I laugh when I see Carson doing the water sprinkler dance move while he’s on second base, or when he does his little chicken dance. I have no idea where he gets his dance moves from! Probably from his Uncle Johnny who is a “smooth operator”. lol.

My parents finally got a chance to watch Carson play ball. The pressure was on, but it didn’t phase him at all- in fact I think he likes the attention. He got a base hit and had a few runs. We won’t talk about the last few innings though. lol. His attention was lacking. Luckily, the team he was playing this past Saturday wasn’t as good as the past teams he has been playing! I swear, those other kids that he has played against seemed like professionals!! I kept asking myself..are these kids really six years old? I mean, almost every one of them could hit the ball, catch the ball and they were even sliding into bases!!  I’m just happy when Carson hits the ball and gets to run!!!


And then, we have Katie..who is Carson’s number one fan and cheerleader!! She has gone to all his practices and games (although she had no choice). But she enjoys it. I was going through her papers that she did at school. And found this paper which totally made me smile!!


Off they go!


Last week Carson started first grade and Katie started PreK. Chad and I decided to switch schools for Katie. We loved her preschool, so it was a hard decision to switch to primrose. Hopefully we will see Katie excel at primrose. I do like the fact that they have uniforms…it reminds me of when I was little and going to Catholic school. Katie has been looking forward to changing schools for the past 2 weeks. Every day she would ask me when is she going to her new, finally the day came! We got her up, dressed and out the door on time.

Got her to the school, kissed her good bye and next thing I know..she is attached to my leg and wont let go. It made me feel so I was a good mommy! 😛 But, I am sure it was just an act to make me feel special and once I left she was A-ok and already making friends.

When we picked her up from school, she was so excited that she had been nice to everyone! Fingers crossed that things will stay that way! When asked what her favorite thing about her day was…she excitedly exclaimed naptime and snacktime!!!

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