It’s birthday time! Kendra Scott Jewelry and Pokemon..EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

My husband’s birthday is late March and my son’s birthday is in the first week of April, so needless to say – besides showers, April brings lots of stressful party planning! On a side note, not many people know that you can get 50% off one item at Kendra Scott during the month of your birthday. Yep, Chad really wanted something from Kendra Scott!! Well- it is true, happy wife equals happy life! He got the cutest pair of earrings for me, just in time for Spring!


Love Kendra Scott!

I love planning parties, especially birthday parties. Growing up, my family always made a big deal about birthdays and I guess I got that family gene too! My son is turning 7 in April. I had already started planning what I wanted to do for his birthday, my vision had a video game truck, sno-cones, a face painter and lots of cool goody bags. All I had left to do was to come up with a party theme. It was then that Carson put my visions to a halt by saying that he just wanted one person to come over for his birthday. Say Wha….??!! I tried to convince him to invite everyone In his class but he wasn’t having it. I even used the line that he could get more presents if he invited more people. Again.. I got shut down. Do you know what he told me? He said he already had too many toys and didn’t need anymore. OKAY- whatever. If he wanted one friend, then one friend it was; but I actually was able to convince him to at least invite his cousins! So that took the party to six people! I could work with that! He wanted a pokemon party. So the Pinterest search began. What did I find??


Happy 7th birthday!


Pokémon ball made out of chocolate!


Buy candy melts ( Red, white and black)


Use a silicon cake pop mold


Melt according to package and brush on molds. I did two layers


After cooled in refrigerator for a few minutes carefully pop them out of the silicon mold and fill with candy


connect the top and bottom halves with more of the white candy melts and then give it a minute to set. Then take your finger and smooth it out.


Color a line with the black candy melts

You can find the video online if you need more details here.

After I finished with the balls, I was pretty excited that you could actually make out that it was supposed to be a pokemon ball!! Next I found a template online where you could make your own pokemon cards.Totally awesome. Carson was blown away by it. I made one for each of the kids.


Pokémon cards..featuring carson!

You can find the template here. And then of course there’s the Pikachu peeps..which is just peeps turned over and Pikachu drawn with edible markers.


I made water bottle labels with the template here. Then you throw in a few boxes of popcorn, chocolate covered oreos and a pokemon pizza and you are ready for a party!


pokemon oreos


Thank you Dominos

Remind me what was I thinking? A sleepover with 6 kids? And taking them to Dave and Busters on a Saturday night?


I should be admitted to the crazy house or something! Reminder to self- no piñata next year if we are doing another sleepover.


Yep, that’s Pikachu mooning us!

The kids were on a sugar high for hours!! It sounded like a war zone upstairs with all the running and jumping around and all the nerf bullets flying around.
Carson had a blast!! And his friends did too!! Thank goodness it’s over with…maybe I can sneak in some downtime before the next party starts again!!


  1. I remember last year’s party, and I thought you were crazy then! You deserve Mom of the Year!


  2. What I wasn’t invited? Lol what a neat party and I can’t believe he is 7 years old, how time flies….. Such a little gentleman…… Give him lots of hugs and kisses from his Ninnin


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