Its all about that BASE….

Baseball season is upon us. In about a month, we will be seeing bats swinging and hopefully balls flying! Carson started with t-ball a year or so ago and then transitioned into full out baseball. I was hoping for a learning curve, but obviously people in Texas don’t share my sentiment.


Carson loves throwing the ball with Chad and Katie loves chasing after the balls that aren’t caught! You can usually catch me on the bleachers screaming like a banshee (you’d think I knew what was going on..But..I have NO clue!)… I do know if you miss hitting a ball..its not a good thing and if they get you out..again..not a good thing. So basically I just yell to the kids to RUN and FOCUS on the ball!! hahahaha. And occasionally, you’ll hear me bribe Carson with pokeman cards if he hits to the ball!!


But no really…I just want Carson to learn about teamwork and the camaraderie that comes along with it. I’m not sure if he gets it quite yet..But Chad and I surely enjoy the camaraderie from the parents!
I get excited when it’s my turn for snacks..yeah, lol..that shouldn’t surprise you! The bags of chips and bottles of water are always nice..but I’m always skimming pinterest for stuff that I think the kids would like. Last time, I made up bags for them filled with string cheese that I had drawn on the outer packaging to look like baseball bats, I baked sugar cookies and decorated them like baseballs and of course..I also had to throw in a pokeman card and a lollipop in there for good measure! lol. I’m not quite sure exactly what I will do for this coming up season..But my pinterest boards are filling up fast!


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