…and then there was SNOW!!

The weather has been crazy here in Texas to say the very least. Hot, then cold. Sunny then bitterly dreary rain. The kids had a few snow days last week which they were ecstatic about and then last night at 1130 pm we were awoken by first the house phone ringing to tell us that school had been cancelled, then 10 minutes after that awoken to my cell phone ringing with the same message and then 10 minutes after that with the same call to Chad’s cell phone.

We got to sleep in this morning…the kids were being EXTRA quiet because they still thought they were supposed to be in school! I can’t remember when we last got to sleep in until 830am! We woke up to 4 inches of SNOW!! We couldn’t believe it!! We quickly got changed and started our snow creations,

instigated a snowball fight with our neighbors, went sledding

AND made snow ice cream!! In fact, it’s a pretty funny story.. a few weeks ago when snow wasn’t even a thought in our minds I had been up late one night (dang my insomnia) and was scrolling on PINTEREST and saw a recipe for snow ice cream.. I pinned it and posted it on Facebook saying that I was totally going to make it. My friends laughed at me, asking where I was going to get snow in texas. lol. And now..look at me now..Today I made Snow Ice cream!!

I had Carson gather the snow (about 6 cups full)

and then had him kind chop it up so it was light. We added a teaspoon of vanilla

and 1/2 can of condensed milk.

Then chopped it up and mixed it all together again.

Excitedly I scooped it bowls for each of us to eat.

However, Carson just held the bowl in his hand was watching me, I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted to see me eat it first. I took a bite and it
AMAZINGLY tasted like ice cream!! He then took his bite and said, ” I still think you should have washed the snow..if we get sick..its your fault.” He makes me laugh all the time with his logic of thinking. But that still didn’t stop him or Katie from eating all of their ice cream!! Give it a try!! It’s so neat and FUN!

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