its hump day- plump day!!

It’s hard to believe that  I barely knew how to cook before I was married with kids! Yes, I was totally spoiled by my mother,grandmother and actually…everyone in my family!! But luckily my husband knew early on to tell me that everything I made was delicious. lol. Even though I knew better! Now I definitely know better when he says my dinner tastes delicious and the kids say the total opposite. BUSTED! But I am always on the look out for quick and easy recipes for dinner. And lately,  I have been hearing and reading about all these great recipes using the crock pot!! I have to be honest..I have not had much luck at all with the crock pot but decided to give it another go. My coworker told me about a lasagna recipe in the crock pot..I was a little hesitant because I have tried to make pasta dishes in the crock pot before and the edges never fully cooked. But I have to say..I was quite impressed with this recipe. In fact, my sister was over at my house visiting when I was putting everything in the crock pot and she was blown away with how easy it was. So without further is the recipe that I used from



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