boys will be boys!!

So, 2015 has definitely been flying by..its already aged my six year old..he looks like he’s

100 years old!100

JK, the first graders just celebrated their 100th day of school. Carson loved dressing up..aside from when I accidentally sprayed the gray hair spray into his eyes, Talk about FREAK OUT! Carson has already lost 3 teeth this year..YEAH..that’s right..THREE!

And he’s getting pretty good about having his tooth fall out and him swallowing it..2 out of 3 isnt bad!  Im just hoping they all grow back in two weeks when we take family pictures! lolteeth

On a side note, I was getting pretty tired of the kids asking me to buy them something EVERYWHERE we went, so I decided I was going to jump on board the wagon and start giving my kids allowance. So basically a dollar for how ever many years they are. They just have to keep their rooms clean and put their shoes up everyday. It has been working out in Carson’s favor but Katie doesnt quite get it it (or..maybe she does)..this last week, she told Carson that she would give him $3 to clean up her room which means she made $1 for nothing. HOWEVER, when I took them to the store she wanted things that cost more than $1. Lol, but I think she will get the hang of it soon. I do argue less with them when we go out shopping since they now have their own money. Since Carson is getting pretty good about getting his whole allowance

he’s been able to save some of his money. He’s been putting his money in one of my old wallets that I used for vacation. I thought it was pretty good for him since it had a zipper around the whole wallet and none of his change could fall out. He was pretty happy using my old wallets, I had a purple and light blue wallet and then a red with polka dots one. Well, one morning last week when I was getting his lunch together he said that the kids in his class were making fun of him. When I asked him why, he said because he had a purple wallet!! lol, it made me smile. lol So when I asked him how he responded, he said he just told them to be quiet..but of course they didn’t. So I just told him to tell them that at least he had money!! And he looked at me and shook his head yes convincingly. When he was about to leave, I saw him stick his money in his pocket and so I said, I think you’re forgetting your wallet..and he said he didn’t need it. lol I’m just glad his classmates saw the purple one and not the red one with polka dots!!wallet

Valentine’s day was this past weekend. I feel that its a little overrated, but still helped make the kids valentines cards to pass out and baked cookies for his teachers.valentines

The kids loved all their Valentines Day parties. Carson was so excited when I picked him up from school because supposedly he had a few extra valentines day cards and was able to trade them with other people to get stuff for Katie. I thought that was soo sweet of him. On Valentine’s day, the kids came running down the stairs and Carson excitedly exclaimed that he made both Chad and I a bag of stuff for Valentines Day. vdayChad started going through his bag (which was actually were the valentines day cards that carson got) and Chad acted really excited and said…look, I got a valentines day card from dylan. lol… Carson just turned it around to the picture side and smiled!! He cracks me up!! It’s just another day in my little world!!!

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