Fast and furious!

Where in the world did october and november go? I can’t believe that its already December. .. and only 14 more days till christmas. We have been in a whirlwind.  Halloween came and went- Carson’s favorite holiday! We literally went 2 blocks and their bags were full. Carson and Katie were in heaven. To my suprise,  the kids didnt have a specific costume in mind so my good deals from last year paid off… $5 for a darth vader costume and $3 for a pink power ranger costume from target!!


They had their friends join them for trick or treating,  although no one wanted to wait for each other when it came time to ring the next doorbell.


To my suprise, the kids were ready to come home after an hour; they were ready to count all the candy they had!!!


We let Carson and Katie live it up that night…but after they went to bed we ended up eatting about half of their candy and hid the rest!




  1. Diana kolb says:

    I have no idea where 2014 went….. Way too fast and furious. – Such cute pictures the one of them counting their candy remind me of my children each in their corner. Chad used to go to the further corner so no one would swipe his candy. That seems to pass it down to his son Carson – LOL


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