Batter up!!

This past spring Carson played T-ball and really seemed to enjoy the sport. This fall, he is playing fall ball. Which means, baseball…not T ball. Growing up with 3 sisters I am still getting used to the boy sports lingo! lol. So, with T ball they get to use a little stand to hit the ball if they need it. With baseball there is no T. When he was playing T ball I kept thinking to myself how little he was and how cute it was that he had to use the T. But now with baseball, its like my little boy is growing up so fast…he doesn’t need the T to hit the ball and he’s even running more than one base at a time! *sigh*


I love going to watch his games. Yelling for his team, cheering for Carson, and occasionally reminding him to focus on the ball and not the grass!! Yes..I am THAT mother. lol. I get those looks like I’m crazy..but I laugh it off because its about having fun after all!! I laugh when I see Carson doing the water sprinkler dance move while he’s on second base, or when he does his little chicken dance. I have no idea where he gets his dance moves from! Probably from his Uncle Johnny who is a “smooth operator”. lol.

My parents finally got a chance to watch Carson play ball. The pressure was on, but it didn’t phase him at all- in fact I think he likes the attention. He got a base hit and had a few runs. We won’t talk about the last few innings though. lol. His attention was lacking. Luckily, the team he was playing this past Saturday wasn’t as good as the past teams he has been playing! I swear, those other kids that he has played against seemed like professionals!! I kept asking myself..are these kids really six years old? I mean, almost every one of them could hit the ball, catch the ball and they were even sliding into bases!!  I’m just happy when Carson hits the ball and gets to run!!!


And then, we have Katie..who is Carson’s number one fan and cheerleader!! She has gone to all his practices and games (although she had no choice). But she enjoys it. I was going through her papers that she did at school. And found this paper which totally made me smile!!


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