…An apple a day..Keeps the doctor away!



I guess we should have eaten an apple or three yesterday! That’s how many times we went to the doctor’s office! Grant it, the first time was to get the kids their flu shots, but the other two times were to get a rock out of Carson’s ear. Yes..you read that right…Carson put a rock in his ear!! Then pushed it further in when he was trying to get it out. When I received the call from the school nurse and she told me about the incident, I thought to myself..REALLY??!!! A rock??!!! In his ear?!!! Oh goodness!! So, as I picked him up from school to take him to the doctor, I asked him..what where you thinking? Do you really think that was a good decision to stick a rock in your ear?! And he said..well..not now!! Brother! As I shook my head, I proceeded to take him to his pediatricians office. Luckily,they were able to get us in fairly quickly.  Carson and I had no clue what was about to go down!!

I mean, I wasn’t even sure there really was a rock stuck in his ear. But, when we got in the room, they looked in his ear..and yes..there was definitely a rock stuck in his ear. The pediatrician had an instrument that had a little hook at the end of it and started trying to get the rock out. I saw blood coming out of his ear and started to freak out a bit. Carson was screaming – stop, it hurts..stop…no more!! Oh my god, I didn’t think I was going to make it out of the room without crying. Especially since the doctor had me holding down his arms and his body. He kept saying, please mommy, no more. We had to do these series of events 3 times. And STILL the rock was stuck in his ear.

Our pediatrician sent us to his friend who was an ear nose throat doctor and he saw us right away. Carson was so tired after the ordeal from the pediatricians office, I felt just horrible for him.


And on top of that, with all the scraping, his ear had gotten swollen and he was screaming that he couldn’t hear out of his ear. Poor guy. After we left the pediatricians office, Carson said, mommy, I shouldn’t have resisted. Now we have to go to a different doctor. lol..they say the funniest things. But anyways. We went to the specialist. As soon as the doctor came into the room, Carson told him he wanted drops in his ear so it wouldn’t hurt. So demanding!! The doctor looked in his ears, put numbing drops in them and waited a while for the drops to work.

He took us into a different room where he looked into a microscope to view Carson’s ear. He took his time, Carson was terrified…Screamed one last time as the doctor extracted the rock out of his ear..and then laughed a sigh of relief!! The doctor said that Carson had found the perfect rock to stick in his ear- perfect shape and perfect size to get it stuck really well. Fortunately.. 4 hours later, the rock was out!

Carson pinky promised that he would never stick anything in his ears again, and he kept telling Katie she better not stick anything in her ears either!


  1. You rock Carson!!! Lol poor baby I bet it did hurt…… But then boys will be boys


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