Off they go!


Last week Carson started first grade and Katie started PreK. Chad and I decided to switch schools for Katie. We loved her preschool, so it was a hard decision to switch to primrose. Hopefully we will see Katie excel at primrose. I do like the fact that they have uniforms…it reminds me of when I was little and going to Catholic school. Katie has been looking forward to changing schools for the past 2 weeks. Every day she would ask me when is she going to her new, finally the day came! We got her up, dressed and out the door on time.

Got her to the school, kissed her good bye and next thing I know..she is attached to my leg and wont let go. It made me feel so I was a good mommy! 😛 But, I am sure it was just an act to make me feel special and once I left she was A-ok and already making friends.

When we picked her up from school, she was so excited that she had been nice to everyone! Fingers crossed that things will stay that way! When asked what her favorite thing about her day was…she excitedly exclaimed naptime and snacktime!!!

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